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The Last 10 Games:  Colorado is 3-7-0 while NJ is 6-4-0

Know Your Enemy: or in this case Enemies!! JibbleScribbits & Anyone But Detroit

What We Think of the Avalanche:  I still hate the Avs for the 2001 defeat in the Finals but that’s ancient history at this point. The current  Avs are a team that is struggling to win games. Surprisingly, the reason I think they are struggling is due to the man that is supposed to be stopping pucks from going in the net. The Avs spent a 1st round  pick in trading for Semyon Varlamov over the summer and the guy has been downright horrible. Apparently though, the whole entire team is filled with a bunch of girls, but I’ll get to that in a minute..
What To Expect Tonight: Put the Islanders game behind us. It was a BAD call made by the guys in Toronto and we were cheated out of a point. Instead of dwelling on that fact, let’s get fired up about it and stick it to a bad Avs team. Hopefully that call will light a fire under Parise because he’s been too quiet outside of the shootout.
The Power Play has been getting a lot of attention because of its continued suckage. At this point, I’d like to see the Devils just forget about the power play and roll their regular lines during any opportunity. Something needs to change so why not just try to start there? Maybe, just maybe they’ll start putting some in and gain some confidence on the PP or at the very least, stop giving up shorty’s!!

Be smart with the puck. The Devils turn it over way too much which creates opportunities for the other team. Need evidence, just look back at the last game. Islanders killed us by scoring goals on our turnovers.

Apparently we are playing a bunch of girls tonight or so says the Colorado Avalanche PR department!!

Players to Watch:

Matt Duchene has 9 goals and 8 assists so far this season. While he doesn’t lead the team in assists, he does so in goals and points so he’s certainly the biggest threat to keeping the Avs in the game tonight. He plays with some pretty good guys on his line as well as Milan Hejduk and Paul Stastny are #’s 2 and 3 in points on the team, right behind Duchene. Bottom line, stop their top line.

I still say that I’ve been fairly unimpressed with the play of Zach Parise this season. Sure, he’s lights out when it comes to the shootout and while he does have 6 goals this season, I thought he’d be more visible. There are times where I just think he disappears while he’s out there. It is time for him to step up and take control of this team, take control of the power play and start showing us why we should entertain the idea of driving the money trucks up his driveway this summer.

…and finally: There was a story in my local paper this morning that had to do with the NJ Devils organization. Back in October, a police officer in one of the towns near my house was killed while he was on duty. A drunk driver slammed into his police cruiser in the early hours on October 16th. The Devils have announced that they will dedicate one of their Zambonis to the memory of Office Joseph Wargo.  While he wasn’t really a hockey fan, he was an accomplished power lifter he loved all sports and would have appreciated the gesture. Bravo to the Devils organization for their recognition of Joe Wargo. The Zamboni will be dedicated at the next home game, Dec 8th, against the Ottawa Senators.