Who is this Deb Placey chick? I understand that she used to announce the Islander games. I mean, really, what do the Devils need the Islanders’ sloppy seconds for? Wasn’t there a retired Devil available to sit with Dano, or at least someone with a modicum of hockey knowledge???

Was Steve’s hair slicked back like that during the two previous games? I hadn’t noticed.


1st Period:

Simon Gagne??? Is it just me, or does he seem to play for every team that faces the Devils?

What’s up with the Devils’ defense…it’s non-existent.

I’m getting sick and tired of the Devils being offside practically every time they try to enter the O zone (which hasn’t been too often thus far).

When Rod Pelley has 50% of your shots on goal there’s a problem.

Beautiful goal by Elias! Awesome work and pressure by that whole line.

That’s what happens when you get to rebounds…you score!

Did we ever figure out what Palmieri is doing on a line with Kovy?

I find myself clenching my teeth every time Clarkson’s on the ice. Grr…

I really wish NHL Gamecenter Live would change the music they play during commercial breaks. It’s driving me crazy!!!

The Kings are taking a lot of shots from the points and actually finding lanes.

2nd Period:

Marty isn’t playing. Hope he’s ok.

Kovy’s line applying more pressure this period so far.

Tallinder actually made a nice play on Kopitar.

Moose playing well considering he came in cold off the bench.

Ugh! That music again!

No! Please don’t show a close up of Clarkson. I’m going to get TMJ one of these days.

Andy Greene is flying all over the place!

If Clarkson loses the puck one more time…

Does Kovy just not require talented linemates? Can he do everything on his own?

Great. Just when the Devils seemed to be playing well, they get a PP. (Thanks to none other than Clarkson).

WHY IS CLARKSON ON THE PP? He had a shot alone with the goaltender and blew it!

PP looked better overall but no goal nonetheless.

3rd Period:

Sykora almost scores from the slot.

Volchenkov takes a huge shot from the point.

It’s all Devils so far this period.

As usual, the Devils are working so hard but still can’t score.

Sykora has yet another chance right in front of the goal and hits the post.

I’m really liking Sykora being back on the team, so far. It’s just a matter of time before he starts putting the puck in the net. I can just feel it…

Wow…Larsson is super fast.

Why do the Devils have like 6 days between games next week? Who makes these schedules???

Close one as a puck rolls by Moose.

If an official ties up the puck, should the team carrying it be called for offsides? That’s BS.

Moose comes way out to play the puck as the Devs are stuck in a change.

Larsson makes a huge block. Limps slightly as he comes off the ice. They weren’t kidding when they said this kid was NHL ready.

Kind of a delayed offsides called. (Yet another one).

Zach is drilled and draws a penalty.

Why is Clarkson on the first PP unit???

Lots of chances but no goal.

The Devs ice the puck while on the PP. Why not?

End of regulation. 16 seconds left on Devils’ PP.


PP comes up empty.

Should Josefson and Palmieri really be the two forwards on the ice in OT?

Moose comes up with a HUGE kick save!

Come on and score…we need a W.

The Kings are like the Flyers 2.0. Lol.



DeBoer is asking Oates about his selections…not a good sign.

If the Devils lose this game, I’m going to be really pissed off. It seems like the Devils worked so much harder than the Kings for most of the game. They certainly dominated the second half of regulation. They just weren’t able to score, as usual.

Devs’ shooters: Kovy, Zach and Patty.

Kovy scores!!! With a beautiful backhand.

Moose denies Gagne!

Zach scores!!! Also a backhand.

Moose stops Kopitar!

3 star selection is strange Patty gets 2nd star. 1st and 2nd stars go to Kings players???