Guest blogger Dana W kept up with the Devils and Sabres game for us. Hopwfully we will see more from him around these parts. Thank you Dana!!

I know I am supposed to write a recap, but today, I am going to 'recap' for you Devil fans as the action unfolds. This might get a bit long winded, but I dont want to leave anything out. 
As I sit here, waiting for the game to start, wearing my throw back 'Christmas Colors' #30, I am pondering if we have what it takes to make it to the play offs this season. In my last report I talked about how proud I was even though we lost, and last nights game reaffirmed what I had said. We really are a contender, going goal for goal. Our current rank and points do not reflect it, but I believe we really are getting better with every game. We were very close to beating, or at least capturing that 'one point' last night against the Bruins. Yes we fell short in the last 3 minutes, but do not forget they are the defending Cup winners. We have played HARD against teams that are ranked higher then us. This is another one of those games. 
I see #17 is out on the ice, that is a relief. Even though we are 3-2 with him sidelined, it is always good to see our power winger back on the ice. I expect great things from him this game. 

The puck just dropped. Let the game commence. 

OH YES! Short handed goal 2:06 in! Man I hope Lou can do something to keep Zach Parise in town next season. He is carrying the team, and he truly is the captain we needed last season to rally the troops. 
Its now 4 on 4 and Parise ALMOST sunk another one. I dont think I can write enough about his skills and his team work. His dedication, devotion, and on ice finesse is truly awe-inspiring. 
Kovalchuk just flings one past Enroth and through the pipes. Beautiful! That is what we pay him the big bucks for. What a way to come out strong. Oddly enough, Brodeur is given credit for an assist. 
I tell yea it is awesome to be able to watch the game as it happens. Not online and not in a bar on a super-low-def TV with no sound. I live in Phillys Comcast market, so when they are home, well I dont watch hockey those nights. 
Parise and Kovalchuk, what a great pair. Nice cross ice pass with Kovy taking an off angle one time shot that just went wide. 
Even though we are currently 2-0, and we are looking like a team on fire, we having found ourselves in the same hole, climbed out, and won. While I try to keep my spirits up, we DID just hit Enroth, which is a big issue for buffalo, whos other goalie, Miller, was laid out in an earlier game. That might have just rattled their bench enough get them in the game. 
Yikes! Pipe ringer! Gotta control that puck guys! 
Buffalo charging in again and goes wide at the tip of the crease. Yeah, they are awake, Brodeur is working hard to keep the puck in play and out of the net. 
Another successful PK, but, Carter is back in the box not even 3 seconds on the ice.
Buffalo just capitalized on Carters stick indiscretions. Brodeur was fighting hard for that and the puck just squirmed its way out of the pack and was an easy chip in. 
First 20 down. 40 left to go. NJ 2 Buf 1

WHAT HAPPENED? We come out looking sloppy! Bad passes, turning over the puck, and getting out skated. 
Spending way to much time in our end of the ice and I dont like it. Buffalo must have gotten quite the pep-talk in the intermission, they are playing strong. We are looking so sloppy, its depressing. The first period we were a playing like we wanted to win, we desired the win, we determined to win. Now, we are giving up way to many chances, and way to many bad passes. 
Henrique almost puts it in, wins the face off and Fayne finishes it off! 3-1 now! Apparently we were just a bit sleepy? Now we are swarming all over Buffalo. We went from giving away shots to taking charge and firing everything at the net that was fit to shoot. We have become really good at the face-off-quick shot to the top shelf. Sykora has done it twice and now Fayne follows up with the same method for his first goal. 
Zubrus is hit HARD and drops. No penalty? I guess it was a clean hit, just really dirty in my book. 
Brodeur is just acting like he is in his 20's again. Stacking the pads and up-side-down flying glove catch. Twice now he reminds the sabers why he is a legend.  
40 minutes elapsed, Devils 3 Sabers 1

Lets close out these last 20 with a big fat W and 2 points in regulation. 
Buffalo had only 4 SOG, but they were very aggressive in our zone. 
Did we just set up the trap? The ol' Jersey TRAP PLAY? 
That just set up Elias to hit a one timer past Enroth! 
THIS is Devils hockey! Hard aggressive offense with the neutral zone trap play. 
Wow, what a game this has turned out to be. 
What just happened..? Myers just beat the glove and short side of Brodeur to bring them to 2. 
CLARKSON with the breakaway and makes it a 3 point game again! Say what you will about how much of a piece of wet paper he is in a fight, the man can finally hit the broad side of a barn, and hit it well. When was the last time that the Devils put 5 up on the board and had LESS SOG then their opponent? I keep saying this, WHAT HAPPENED? Where was this Jersey offense before? I thought they were playing hard, but now, they are playing WELL. The second period must have been a fluke. Passes are crisp, hits are hard, and they are swarming again. 
Leopold just bounced one past Marty, he had a pad on it, but it just wasnt enough. Two point game again with just under 5 ticks on the clock. 
HA Clarkson wants to fight.. PLEASE please dont.. 
Empty net, can we take advantage of this? No, but it doesnt matter.
The horn sounds and the Devils have posted 5 goals and played such an awesome game. 

Devils be proud!