The Devils dropped their Friday night matchup, the one where they wore the old red and green jerseys, to the Washington Capitals, a very good Capitals team  I might add. Brodeur said after the game "It's a setback. We were doing well." It was the second loss in as many nights and the first time they dropped two in a row since the very beginning of January. What Brodeur said was an understatement. Basically, the way I see it, the Devils can afford 1 loss the rest of the season. They are still having trouble getting past 6 points out of 8th.

Thankfully, the Devils got back on track last night with a 3-0 win over the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets.? Tomorrow night the Devils head to Boston to take on a Bruins team that was embarrassed in Toronto and on Hockey Night in Canada so that one loss I feel the Devils can afford to lose, could come REALLY early.

You want to keep playing hockey in a few weeks, nows the time to dig down and show us what you are made of.