I’ve said a lot of negative things lately about David Clarkson and honestly, I’ve meant every one of them. I can see by a number of emails that I have received that there are people out there that completely agree with me and would love to see the next Devils headline be something about Clarkson being shipped out of town and there are some people that think I’m crazy. Where do you stand?

Believe it or not, an article came out about Clarkson today and I really have to disagree with DeBoer’s assessment of his abilities.

DeBoer had this to say about David Clarkson. "Clarkie is one of a handful of guys in the league-- and there are not many of them-- that can play in your top nine, is heavyweight tough and is capable of scoring 20 goals. Those guys are hard to find. So there is a lot to like,"

I won’t disagree that Clarkson is a tough guy who’s not afraid to drop the gloves but I’ve never really viewed him as the type to be labeled “Team Enforcer” and I’ve felt that was the role given to him in NJ.  I’ve always looked at him of more like a Milan Lucic or a Cam Neely but  he’s not even close to being as important to the team as they are/were to theirs. Cam Janssen is by far a lot tougher and a lot better at the tough guy/enforcer part of the game but for some reason has been a healthy scratch so far this season.

DeBoer thinks that Clarkson is capable of scoring 20 goals a season? He did so for DeBoer in Kitchner but Clarkson hasn’t been able to find that kind of success at this level. For years I have waited for him to put up the numbers that DeBoer thinks he can put up but it just doesn’t happen.

DeBoer also says that there aren’t many like Clarkson in the league sadly I can think of many that I would like to have on the roster in place of Clarkson for around the same amount of money. DeBoer seems to love Clarkson so I guess he’s going to stick around so be prepared to hear a lot of negative Clarkson talk from me this year.

You know, maybe cashier IS more his thing….