After the performance the Devils put on the ice Friday night, I shut the TV off in disgust and didn't feel like writing a recap because I wouldn't have been able to say anything positive. The Devils played so poorly on Friday night that it took NJ almost 50 minutes to put more than 10 goals on net. They got beat and they deserved every part of the beating they got.

I thought for sure that they would come out on fire against the Thrashers, especially since Kovalchuk was returning to the place he called home for so many years. I was wrong. They didn't just get beat, they got embarrassed. In fact, even when the Thrashers had this game in the bag and pulled up a little, they still got a lot of shots, a lot of chances and even more goals.

I thought the 2-0 loss to the then win-less in 14 games Islanders and the embarrassing show they put up at home a week later against the Canadiens were the lowest points of the season, I was wrong. This weekend, the Devils didn't even look like they cared to be out there. They've given up and its very clear. The worst part of the game last night was that the Thrashers entered the Devils zone with basically a 2 on 5, found a little room in the middle to complete a pass to the left side of the ice and Ladd ripped one, top corner right over Marty's glove. AWFUL!!

Clearly the Devils need something more than waiving a player and continuing to put that player in the lineup after he clears. David Clarkson is a non-factor on this team. Trade his ass. Jamie Langenbrunner isn't a leader this season. Trade his ass as well. Marty seems lost out there, like he can't find the puck. When John MacLean became coach in June, I thought he was planning on implementing a system that demands offense from every player. That CLEARLY has not happened.

Most people get on me because I am complaining after years and years of making the playoffs. That's where I tell them they are wrong about me. Sure, I don't like losing but NJ has been good for so long, so if a losing season is in the cards, fine. But I can't take watching a team just not try. If you go out there, give it your best and still lose, fine but going out there, not competing and giving up 7 goals on 22 shots in UNACCEPTABLE. If you don't want play, please if you have a NTC, give it up and lets ship you out of town.

This team doesn't have much hope of climbing back into the playoff picture, even though its only December but lets just try to change the image this team has at the moment. Right now, EVERYONE is laughing. At the Kovalchuk signing, at the way the Devils play, pretty much everything surrounding this team. Lou, DO SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT!!