So as we jump back into some hockey after having a few days off, I bring you this funny little video that has been making the rounds on the internet.

So what are the things that NJ Devils fans don’t say??

“What an amazing Power Play we have”
“I can’t believe we are NBC’s Game of the Week again!!”
“Lou needs to be more cryptic in the things he tells the media”
“If the Devils don’t win the cup, I hope the Rangers do, it’s a long time coming for them”
“I wish the league would keep us more informed about Sidney Crosby’s injuries”
“Our third jersey looks AWESOME”
“Can you believe the Devils are going to play in the Winter Classic”
“I’m so glad that Doc Emrick is gone…his voice was like nails on a chalkboard”
“I can’t believe we traded Brian Rolston”
“Marty should try to play at least another 5 years”
“This was the greatest All-Star Game EVER!!”

Join in the fun and add your own!!