When you browse Bloguin, you will find many great sites covering all different sports. It’s what really makes this network great. Crossover Chronicles is a featured blog on the network and they do a lot of great articles and worth a daily read (even though they don’t cover hockey!!).  I was over there the other day and they are doing a great series on 4 jerseys you gotta have for a particular sports team. Of course they are talking about basketball but I thought it would be great to run with that idea for my own team. So here we go.

You Gotta Have:

Scott Stevens – He is the greatest captain in the history of the New Jersey Devils and the first player to have his jersey sent to the rafters. There are many moments from Stevens career that float around in our memory and every guy that has worn and will wear the C after Stevens, immediately gets questioned if he can lead like Stevens did. I do believe that if you ask any Devils fan what the top 4 jerseys that a fan has to have Scott Stevens would make the top of that list almost every time.

Can’t Go Wrong With:

Marty Broduer – It is hard to argue against having the jersey of one of the greatest goalies to play the game in your collection. I remember right before Marty got to the Devils, it seemed like every hot girl that liked the Devils owned and wore a Scott Niedermayer jersey but once Marty got to NJ, that all changed. Once Marty walks away from the Devils and the game (which hopefully will be at the same time), no one will be able to argue what Marty meant to this franchise.

Oh, That Is Awesome:

If you want awesome, you have to go with an original Red and Green jersey. In the past few years, the Devils have embraced their past and brought back the “Christmas Tree Jerseys” for one game a season.  But if you are going to own a retro red and green jersey, whose name do you put on the back of it? I’ll vote for none other than Johnny MacLean. Yes, he sucked as our head coach but he did put the goal that sent the Devils to the playoffs for the first time in their history. Joe Cirella took the a shot that was blocked by Darren Pang who gave up a juicy rebound to John MacLean and the rest was history. Weeks later, it would be that same John McLean that would score with four minutes left in Game 7 to knock out the Washington Capitals and lead NJ to the Patrick Division title.

Oh, That Is Funny

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone where a Glenn “Chico” Resch jersey, but someone should. Sure, he wasn’t a spectacular goalie but he’s part of the Devils history.  Resch played in Colorado for part of the 1980–81 season and the 1981–82 NHL season before the franchise moved to New Jersey to become the New Jersey Devils. Even though the Devils didn’t win many games, Resch shouldered a heavy load over the next few years. He was our franchise first goalie and he’s been a staple in our broadcasting booth for many years, so why not add a Chico Resch Jersey to your collection!!

Let us know what you think and lets us know which jerseys you own!!