Andy Greene would sign on the dotted line today if Lou shoved a contract in his face. Greene admitted yesterday that he would gladly skip the free agency period and stay with NJ given the oppurtunity.

"This is the choice. This is where I want to be," Greene told The Star-Ledger. "If there is an offer there that is good and I felt was right, I'd definitely take it. I'm not dragging my feet waiting for July 1. We'll let it play out."

Question is, do we want to keep him? Lou has said that while obtaining a defenseman that can actually move the puck is high on his list this summer, he would like to see Greene in a Devils uniform in 2011/2012.

The two sides have spoken about getting a contract done but as of now, there has been no contract offer. Greene earned $750,000 this past season. So how much do you think Andy Greene is worth paying to keep him on the Devils blue line?

Greene was the Devils' leading scorer among defensemen with 23 points (four goals, 19 assists) in 82 games. He was durable but also had the worst plus-minus rating among the club's blue liners (minus-23). I like that he was the leading scoring among defensemen but that minus-23 is horrible. If you can manage not be a liability out there defensively, then I say pay the man something in order to keep him here, otherwise go away.