The Devils posted this video on the NHL Video site and while it is exciting to watch, it certainly leads you to believe that the Devils were a team that liked to score goals and weren't afraid to hit people.

* With 171 Goals for this season, NJ ranked 30th out of 30 in the goal scoring department.
* With 1539 total Hits laid on opposing players this season, NJ ranks 28th out of 30th in that department. Lets be fair though, John MacLean's strategy of turning over the puck and high fiving the oppostion as they spend through the neutral zone on the way to scoing a goal didnt' count as a hit, otherwise, I am pretty sure we might have led the league in hits.
* NJ ranked 30th out of 30 in the blocked shots department. Look on the bright side, at least we didn't suffer any major injuries, ala Stephen Callahan, late in the season because we like to block shots!!

I get that the Devils have to put out a video recapping the highlights of the season, and there certainly were a few worth noting.

* The signature Kovalchuk game winning goal against the Toronto Maple Leafs
* The game winning goal in OT against the Pittsburgh Penguins that had almost everyone jumping out of their seats.
* The amazing play that was Johan Hebburg throughout the season
* The lucky bounce they got against the Rangers at the buzzer.
* The Elias crossover goal against the 'Canes

They did miss these highlights though:

* Turn this way, that way, no this way move and goal Kovalchuk made on Joe Corvo  of the Hurricanes
* The Tedenby goal where he faked out the entire Islanders team, including the guys sitting on the bench.
* The Talinder to Elias to Talinder to Kovalchuk slapper against the Oilers

I am glad that they got the fat kid and his beer, the guy who couldnt stand up during one of the most exciting moments of the season, we certainly didn't want to miss that one!! And lets be truthful, this video is much more entertaining to watch than watching the staff lip sync, poorly I might add, to Bruce Springsteen. Why oh why do they put this stuff out there?? 15 years/100 million isn't enough material for the haters? If you have no idea what I am talking about, go visit http://video.devils.nhl.com