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The Poker Phenonemon in the NHL

How NHL teams and players have become hooked on poker Besides cheering for Team USA at the Sochi Winter Olympics, hockey players preoccupy themselves with a lot of activities during this brief break from the NHL season. From basketball to football, these players engage in other sports as their way to remain physically fit during […]

The Brodeur Vs. Schneider Debate In New Jersey

Martin Brodeur has been the starting goaltender for the New Jersey Devils for as long as I can remember.  Almost 21 years, and for most of his career, he has consistently won at every level, the NHL and the Olympics.  With Stanley Cups and Olympic Medals to his credit he has already secured a place […]

Betting on the New Jersey Devils

This NHL season, which has been drastically shortened by the lockout between September 2012 and January 2013, has been a pretty miserable one for fans of the Devils, as the team from New Jersey, as they failed to qualify for the play-offs. Having been defending Eastern Conference champions the team’s collapse in form has been […]


Quick Hits: Duh!! They Spent $21 Million

Yes this is a Devils site but sometimes I see things in the hockey world that aren't Devils related bu I still want to touch on. These are going to be what I like to call "Quick Hits" and be warned, they will probably contain some offensive remarks from time to time.  So I logged […]


Schenn Suspended 1 Game For Volchenkov Hit

  Brayden Schenn will sit one game for his hit on Anton Volchenkov. Schenn came off the bench and skated right to Volchenkov, let his feet and targeted the head and upper body. No penatly was called on the play.

Burke Fired By Toronto

In a shocking move by the Leafs yesterday, they showed Brian Burke the door and brought in Dave Nonis to be their GM. It's a move that shocked me that but is what this league does from time to time. So with Burke the topic of this post, I just thougt I'd take the oppurtunity […]


Is “Just Drop It” Something You Could Do?

  NHL fans are angry, there is no denying that. I’m angry, I just want to watch some hockey, talk about hockey and heckle my Rangers fan co-worker but without the NHL playing, it is impossible to do any of that. We’ve lost nearly 45% of our season to this lockout and fans are getting […]


Which Group Has The Most To Lose?

  The precedent the NHL has set for lockouts is a huge problem and a lot of people are losing out because of it. Yes, players and owners are losing money but they are the ones in control right now. They are the ones that can put a stop to the lockout. With so much […]

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Where Are You As A Fan?

  Six months ago our Devils were battling for hockey’s ultimate prize. They would go on to lose that prize in 6 games and I thought that might be the worst a hockey fan could feel. Less than a month later, I saw my favorite current Devil bolt out the door to his hometown hockey […]

Ilya Kovalchuk Game 1

Report: Kovalchuk Would Consider Not Coming Back To The NHL

Add Ilya Kovalchuk‘s name to the list of Russian players who may stay overseas if the NHL’s new collective bargaining agreement sees salaries reduced. The star winger told a Russian news outlet on Tuesday that if the league cuts the players’ pay in any new deal, he may stay in Russia where he’s playing with SKA St. […]

Lockout Continues

As this lockout continues, please join me in boycotting If the NHL can’t give us our game, why the hell should we give them our money??

2012 NHL Awards – My Picks

Hart (Henrik Lundqvist/Evgeni Malkin/Steven Stamkos) Who should win: Evgeni Malkin This is a bit of a tough call. Both Malkin and Stamkos make a great case as to why they should win the Hart. Stamkos hit the 60 goal mark this season while Malkin hit the 50 goal mark and was the only player to […]

GM’s To Discuss Rule Changes This Week

Being an NHL GM isn’t such a bad gig, well that is if your team is winning and looking like they’ll still be playing hockey in a couple of weeks. But even if your name is Scott Howson, you get to spend a couple of days in sunny Florida talking hockey and probably playing some […]

Let’s Talk Realignment

The NHL’s Board of Governors approved a radical realignment plan Monday night. This new realignment would see the NHL shift away from the conference format back towards the divisional format we’ve missed so much. So what will they be? I haven’t heard anything about how they will be named but this is the layout we […]