Changes Made at Running With The Devils

Things are changing drastically here at Running With The Devils. Since our last blog post on February 12, which recapped the Devils' loss to the Carolina Hurricanes, our staff has shuffled around. Former writers Devin Mattera and Raj Vaidya left Running With The Devils to join the Devils Army Blog staff; additionally, former editor Darren […]


Marty, Marty, Marty….

 Well, it sure seems positive, lets hope the numbers improve! According to an article found on , the backbone of the New Jersey Devils, may in fact, be pushing “rumored” retirement plans back a year. I quote “rumored” because before the season kicked off, Brodeur had made remarks and hinted towards a possible retirement after […]

Hurricane Irene

Living in Northern NJ, we know the devistation that Hurricane Irene brought to the area. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those effected.

More Site News

Looks like this site will start having a more positive outlook on Kovalchuk with the addition of a new pro-Kovalchuk writer!!The Canucks are 2 wins away from hoisting the Stanley Cup and everyone is wondering if it will take them more than 2 games to get the remaining 2 wins. Once the cup gets lifted […]

RWTD Business Meeting

As you can see we’ve made a few changes around here lately with the colors and design of our site. Our site used the be red with a white banner on the top but we figured that a year and half of looking at the same thing was long enough and since the Devils aren’t […]