Game 16: Devils v Sabres

Guest blogger Dana W kept up with the Devils and Sabres game for us. Hopwfully we will see more from him around these parts. Thank you Dana!! I know I am supposed to write a recap, but today, I am going to ‘recap’ for you Devil fans as the action unfolds. This might get a […]

Kings vs. Devils In-Game Notes

Pregame: Who is this Deb Placey chick? I understand that she used to announce the Islander games. I mean, really, what do the Devils need the Islanders’ sloppy seconds for? Wasn’t there a retired Devil available to sit with Dano, or at least someone with a modicum of hockey knowledge??? Was Steve’s hair slicked back […]

Game 2: Thoughts As They Play

Occasionally, we will do an “as they play” post where we share thoughts on the period, usually at the end of each period. Please check back at the end of each period to see an update to the post. * It’s currently 82 degrees in NJ and feels like a day that should be spent […]