SCF Game 4: Kings Look To Sweep

Here we are, Game 4 and looking at elimination. What can you say? It’s been hard to watch this team struggle against a bigger, stronger and faster team that hasn’t allowed the Devils to get their game going. Florida, Philly and New York didn’t have an answer to our constant fore-checking but the Kings have […]

Crown and Punishment – Devils Pushed to the Brink of Elimination

I can’t really say it’s over yet. Simply because it’s not. However, I’m left hopeless because now that Los Angeles grabbed Game 3, the Devils have no choice but to win the next 4. Is it possible? Yes. Do I think it will happen? As much as I’d love to say yes, I’m going to […]


SCF Game 3: Devils Face Must Win

Being down 0-2 in this series is kind of deflating. The Devils didn’t really show up for game 1 and did a much better job in game 2 but got the same result, a 2-1 OT loss to the Kings. However, there is a bright spot in all of this. This series could easily be […]


Carter-Copy: Duplicate result’s lead to an 0-2 series hole

 Well well well, once again, the second game in a row, New Jersey sacrafices the first goal in the first period, only to tie the game on a re-directed puck, to fall in overtime to the Kings. Drew Doughty broke through nearly 8 minutes into the period to put the Kings up by one early, […]


SCF Game 2: Devils Looking To Curb Kings and Mistakes

Game 1 ended up being a much different game than I was expecting and no I am not talking about the ending. In the end it came down to a mistake that cost us the game but don’t think that was the only mistake because it wasn’t. It was just the mistake that overshadowed all […]


Can’t Stop Kopitar: Kings Lead 1-0

On a night where the New Jersey Devils were unable to capitalize on several scoring opportunities, it seemed inevitable that the Los Angeles Kings would come away with a Game One victory. Anze Kopitar’s seventh goal of the postseason gave LA an overtime victory and an early series lead. The Devils will need to come out […]


SCF Game 1: We’ve Finally Arrived!!

Game 1 – Stanley Cup Finals!! A quick show of hands, who predicted this at the beginning of the season? Anyone!!?? Actually, I went back and looked at the season preview that Debra and I did in the beginning of the year and I predicted the Devils to make the playoffs but I didn’t put […]

Masala Monday: Fourth Issue

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Masala Monday. The last time I talked to you guys, our New Jersey Devils were just about to face the New York Rangers. We all know that series is history as the Devils are now in the Stanley Cup Finals against the Los Angeles Kings…with home ice! […]


Devils vs. Kings: Series Preview

Here we are folks. The New Jersey Devils are Eastern Conference Champions and will take on the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup Final. For New Jersey, it’s their first trip to the Cup since they defeated Anaheim in 2003. The Kings have not been in the Stanley Cup Final since 1993. In what […]

ECF Game 6: DEVILS WIN!!!!

They did it. In one night, they put all that 1994 crap to rest. It’s done, we move on and the Rangers go home. We want the cup, there is no questioning that and we will focus on that tomorrow but for one night, we will take joy in knowing we sent the Rangers home. […]


ECF Game 6: Devils Looking To Finish This

A lot has been written of 1994 over the course of these playoffs and especially over the last 5 games. Here we are, in an Eastern Conference Final between NJ and NY with the series heading to NJ with the Devils leading 3-2 and looking for a chance to close it out. How can you […]


President Carter: 5 goal outing pushes King Henrik to the Edge of his Throne

 The Devils are one win away from a date with the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup Finals. After coming out quick and early, scoring 3 goals within the first 10 minutes of the game, New York “rallied” back, scoring & knotting up the game after 3 un answered goals. Two of the goals, […]