Free Agent Frenzy: Independence Day Disaster

Well I hope everyone had a fun Fourth of July! In an overall sense, I did. But in the afternoon, I’m sure the hearts of every Devils fan got shattered. The decision that was made by our (former) captain today will forever rest in the hearts of NJ fans. In my opinion, the only way […]

Free Agent Frenzy: July 3rd

First of all, a Happy Fourth of July to everyone! Yesterday, the Devils and their fans were expecting a decision from Zach Parise. Unfortunately, he fooled us again by delaying the decision for one more night. Now, Parise and his buddy Ryan Suter are expected to really make their decisions today and according to recent […]


Marty, Moose Re-sign as “Parise Watch” Continues

Day two of the free agency frenzy is wrapping up and it is time to take a look at what the New Jersey Devils have accomplished so far. With the departure of Eric Boulton and Alexei Ponikarovsky, the 2012-2013 Devils will have some new faces. With those new faces, however, will be some familiar ones. […]

Free Agent Frenzy: The First Day

Hey everyone! If you recall, my last issue of Masala Monday said that it would be my last piece for the season…and it was. However, now it’s a new season! Ah July 1st… all fans look forward to it and are even anxious during this time as well. The 2012 Free Agent Frenzy (oh and […]

Marty & Zach Testing Waters? Carter and Bernier Signed

We are days away from the start of the Free Agency Frenzy so I would expect that the word of the day would be “speculation.” There is A LOT of it going on this morning but being that these rumors came from reputable sources, maybe there is some substance to them. Brodeur has hired agent […]

2012 NHL Awards – My Picks

Hart (Henrik Lundqvist/Evgeni Malkin/Steven Stamkos) Who should win: Evgeni Malkin This is a bit of a tough call. Both Malkin and Stamkos make a great case as to why they should win the Hart. Stamkos hit the 60 goal mark this season while Malkin hit the 50 goal mark and was the only player to […]


Reflecting on the 2012 Playoff Run

We’ve had a few days now to sit back and process how the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs ended for our New Jersey Devils. That’s not to say the past few days have been easy because they haven’t been. Yesterday would have been Game 7 had the Devils found a way to win on Monday night […]

The Love of the Devils Runs Deep

I get asked a lot why I write this hockey blog because it does require a lot of time, a lot of thought and isn’t something I get paid to do. I love hockey and I love the Devils, it’s that simple but from time to time someone will email me a piece that they […]

Thoughts and Thanks!!

Last night was painful, there is no denying that. A lot is being made about the Bernier hit and I will admit that I was frustrated about it last night. The refs clearly missed a hit on Gionta, which led to Bernier taking his frustrations out on Scuderi. Was it a dumb hit? Yes.  Should […]

Masala Monday: Final Issue

Hello everyone and welcome to the next and FINAL addition Masala Monday. While the main goal of this segment wasn’t necessarily accomplished, I hope you guys have at least enjoyed reading it. The last time I talked to you guys, our New Jersey Devils were about to begin their Stanley Cup Final matchup with the […]

SCF Game 6: Trying To Survive One More Time

Game 6 and I can promise you that I am EXTREMELY nervous about this game. When the Devils went down 3-0 to the Kings, I pretty much got to the point where I was becoming OK with losing but now that the Devils have staved off elimination twice, I am now at the point where […]

Still Quick-er… Rock-Solid Game 5 shifts Series back to LA

         History wont be made, it’s BEING made! A perfect 10-0 road record for the Kings, SNAPPED! Another opportunity to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup, put on hold; why? The Devils live to see another day solely on their resilliency to not give up, to play disciplined, to play a full 60 minutes, to […]


SCF Game 5: No Surrender

Going into game 4, the Devils faced a monumental task, or more accurately, a number of tasks. They had to solve Jonathon Quick, find a way to stop the Kings momentum and extend the series to game 5. There was no tomorrow. It was lose or go home. Thankfully Adam Henrique came through in yet […]

Just a Bit Quick-er! Resilient Devils Force Game 5!

What a nail biter this was! Up and down hockey that finally saw the Devils come out on top! Every Devils player showed the grit needed to win a Stanley Cup Final game and the hockey gods treated New Jersey with a chance to play once more in front of their fans! Both teams started […]