Crown and Punishment – Devils Pushed to the Brink of Elimination

I can’t really say it’s over yet. Simply because it’s not. However, I’m left hopeless because now that Los Angeles grabbed Game 3, the Devils have no choice but to win the next 4. Is it possible? Yes. Do I think it will happen? As much as I’d love to say yes, I’m going to […]

Masala Monday: Fourth Issue

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Masala Monday. The last time I talked to you guys, our New Jersey Devils were just about to face the New York Rangers. We all know that series is history as the Devils are now in the Stanley Cup Finals against the Los Angeles Kings…with home ice! […]

Déjà Blue: Devils Get Embarrassed in Game 3

I had so much hope coming into this game. This “hope” per se, was a pure masterpiece. However, as you all have seen in some movies I bet, some masterpieces end up shattering and at that moment, you’re left helpless. That’s what happened to me today and most probably, every Devils fan on Earth. Thinking […]

Masala Monday: Third Issue

Hello everyone and welcome to another addition Monday Masala. The last time I talked to you guys, our New Jersey Devils were in a trailing the Philadelphia Flyers. Hey well, y’all know the ending. New Jersey stormed back with 4 straight wins and are now gonna play the New York Rangers for the Eastern Conference […]

Brick City Sweep! – Devils Push Flyers to the Brink!

It’s safe to say, we had momentum coming into this game and well, we still have it! Maybe it’s a bit higher now that the Devils have a commanding 3-1 series lead! We very well knew that the Flyers would give it their all to try and tie up the series at 2. But hey, […]

Masala Monday: Second Issue

Hello everyone and welcome to another addition Masala Monday. The last time I talked to you guys, our beloved New Jersey Devils were in a 3-2 series hole against the Florida Panthers. Well they came back strong and now are playing the Philadelphia Flyers in round 2 (but you guys all know that). I predicted […]

Philthy Performance – Devils Succumb to Flyers in Game 1

Let’s all be honest here. Despite a slight advantage to Philly over the years, every Devil fan loves him/herself a Devils/Flyers match up. Well… we’ve got a playoff matchup against them now and it certainly did not start as per my needs. Game 1 of this Eastern Conference Semifinals between New Jersey and Philadelphia was […]

Masala Monday: Inaugural Issue

Hello everyone and welcome to the first real issue of Masala Monday. We all know (or we should if you’re a true Devils fan) that our ever so beloved New Jersey Devils are on the brink of elimination. They trail the Florida Panthers 3-2 in the series but, I feel confident that they have enough […]

Monday Masala: Introduction

Hey everyone. Today, I was going to add a new feature to Running With the Devils, known as Monday Masala (I’ll get to the meaning in a moment). Due to a last minute emergency, I won’t be writing in detail today. However, I’ll get you all introduced to this new feature so you all know […]

D”rats”! New Jersey Drops Game 2!

Game 2 of the Playoffs between the New Jersey Devils and Florida Panthers took place today (April 15th), and the Devils looked to add on their series lead. In game 1, New Jersey held on to win and they looked to carry out the momentum tonight. 2/3 of Game 2 was (depending on respective opinion) […]


Devils Impeach Senators – New Jersey Heads into Playoffs on Winning Note

Strange isn’t it? It feels like yesterday remembering that 2011-12 season opener against Philadelphia at The Rock (I was in attendance myself). I thought to myself “Oh no… this is gonna be one long season”. Surprisingly, it wasn’t and I’m surprised the regular season ended today with all 30 teams in action. We know that […]

Devils Breeze Through Hurricanes – New Jersey Clinches Playoff Spot

This was essentially THE GAME for the New Jersey Devils. After an impressive display of offense in a 6-4 win over Tampa Bay on Thursday, the Devils hoped they could clinch with a Washington loss in Boston. Unfortunately that did not happen but the positive was that they needed just a point against the Carolina […]


Penguins March on Devils – Pittsburgh Crushes New Jersey

After a devastating shootout loss at home to Toronto, the New Jersey Devils looked to start fresh and create a late-season win streak, starting in Pittsburgh against a tough Penguins team. The return of center Travis Zajac boosted some motivation (as his presence was dearly missed). Unfortunately though, once again, the Devils did not find […]


Sticky Syrup – Maple Leafs Edge Devils in NJ

Tonight the Devils looked to carry their momentum from that previous win in Ottawa and carry that same style of play against Toronto at home. I was hoping they would transcend that and based off their play early on, I thought they would do just that. Unfortunately, though a high-scoring and tight game, New Jersey […]