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Will Lou's Tirade Become The Next Robinson Story?
Written by AJ Manderichio   
Thursday, 22 April 2010 15:05

Back in the year 2000, then-Devils coach Larry Robinson came into the locker room, hot-headed and pissed off with the way his team played. The Devils, down 3-1 to the Flyers in the Eastern Conference Finals, were one step away from elimination. Wanting to make his point known, Robinson kicked a garbage can across the locker room, hammering home his point that the Devils were better than their played showed. That moment became a famous one in Devils history, as the team turned its play around and won three straight, becoming the first team since the NHL expanded to come back from a 3-1 series deficit.

Ten years later, the Devils face the same situation. The Flyers are leading the series, 3-1, and the Devils have been outplayed in three of the four contests. Coming into tonight, the team needs to find a spark. That may have come from general manager Lou Lamoriello.

According to Star-Ledger reporter Steve Politi, Lamoriello went down to the visiting locker room after the Devils’ uninspiring 4-1 loss Tuesday night. The general manager, angry at his teams play, lit into the coaching staff. He got so angry, he picked up a jar of jelly and threw it at the wall. The jelly jar smashed, with its contents covering the locker room. While none of the players were in the room, it got Lamoriello’s message across – this is a team built for a deep playoff run, not a one-and-done playoff surprise.

It’s these moments of frustration we haven’t seen from any of the players. And, while they’ve remained largely positive, it’s refreshing to see someone in the organization get just as angry as the rest of us. But the incident differs from Robinson. Remember, Robinson did this in front of the players, getting their attention. Lamoriello did this only in front of the coaches, so it’s a smaller audience. But I think it had the same meaning. This is the head of the team. Lamoriello controls what players sit in that locker room next season. When the head man isn’t happy, no one should feel particularly comfortable.

While it didn’t have the shock factor for all of the players, this should still get the players fired up. As I said, this is the guy who controls the contracts of the players in the locker room. He expects results, and these players aren’t delivering. The Devils should make a mental note with this. Lamoriello’s anger not only affects the coaches, but it has a trickle-down effect. I would expect this to be a contributing factor to a more spirited performance tonight.

Hell, maybe if the Devils win the series, we can bookmark the “Jelly Jar” incident as another great locker-room outburst in Devils’ history.

ECQ Game 5: Play Like There Is No Tomorrow
Written by Darren S   
Thursday, 22 April 2010 09:49


The Matchup - Philadelphia Flyers at New Jersey Devils. Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. The Flyers lead the best-of-seven series 3-1.

The Last Game - The Devils actually looked good to start the game but when they took the ice for period 2, they obviously left something back in the locker room. Their 1-0 lead quickly disappeared and when the final horn sounded, the Flyers had beaten NJ pretty badly.

Tonight's Matchup - Tonight is a do or die game, it's that simple. We haven't seen how the 2010 version of the Devils play when their backs are against the wall but we will tonight. AJ wrote an excellent piece last night about the need for leadership to come forward in order for NJ to even dream of not exiting the playoffs in Round 1 for the 3rd year in a row.

The Devils also need to play a full 60 minutes. In fact, go through all the game previews and reviews from this season and you'll probably see a pattern where I constantly get on NJ for not playing a full 60 minutes. It's been a problem all season and it is something NJ hasn't been able to solve. Under Sutter, I thought NJ would back off too much when they got a lead but it seems this season, the Devils just don't play a solid 60 minutes whether or not they have the lead.

Give credit to the Flyers in this series. Their forecheck has been suffocating. When the Flyers get their forecheck going, the Devils have had real problems getting out of their own zone. To me, our defenseman just can't seem to handle the pressure and that's a problem I really didn't see coming into this series.

Lou is certainly not a happy man at the moment. In an article in the NJ Star-Ledger yesterday, it was reported that Lou had lost his temper in the locker room after Game 4. A furious Lou Lamoriello had let his coaching staff know exactly what was on his mind and ended his tirade by throwing a jar of jelly from a near by postgame spread against the wall. Clearly he's pissed and why shouldn't he be? In his mind, he's built a team to win now.

The Devils seem to have gotten a bit of a break (or two!!) going into tonight's game. Jeff Carter and Simon Gagne are out because both of them broke a foot the other night in Game 4. At first that news seems big but honestly, Carter hadn't done anything until Game 4 and Gagne hasn't done much either. If it were Pronger and Giroux missing Game 5, I'd be a little more upbeat about the news.

The Flyers aren't going to bring any surprises to the table tonight, that's the beauty of the playoffs. You know what is coming and really, the Flyers don't need to change anything, only the Devils do. We've done the improbably before and if this team can come together, there is no reason they can't do it again. So if you are heading to the Rock tonight, bring your energy because this team is going to need the fans behind them.

To Come Back, Devils Will Need Leadership
Written by AJ Manderichio   
Wednesday, 21 April 2010 22:32

Tomorrow night can be a sad night at the Rock. The Devils, who outplayed the Penguins all year and clinched second in the conference, can be eliminated in the first round of the players for the third consecutive season. Down 3-1, and with the way the Devils have played, this looks almost certain. The Devils face a steep uphill climb to just get a victory tomorrow night.

Despite the odds, the Devils can still stage a comeback. But, in order to be competitive, the team needs leadership, and those leaders need to step up quickly. Who can step up to provide the leadership necessary to lead the team? Here are a few of my options:

1. Coach Jacques Lemaire

Lemaire hasn’t been doing so well in this series. It looks like Flyers’ coach Peter Laviolette has thoroughly outcoached him. The Flyers’ forecheck has been terrific, they’ve continually attacked the Devils’ defense, and the team has never stopped moving since game one. Lemaire has seem subdued, almost emotionally detached to the situation going on around him. But I believe Lemaire can begin a Devils’ turnaround by making a few simple adjustments.

First, Lemaire needs to actually coach. While watching the games, Lemaire seems to take a hands-off approach, especially when the Devils need him most. Lemaire needs to get in the face of his players. He needs to be there, getting in players ears. He needs to make the adjustments in between periods to keep this team sharp. I know Lemaire has been hands-off, but down 3-1, it’s time to break the mold. I’d like to see Lemaire get a little more proactive on the bench and institute in-period changes. It’s the only way to keep up with a Flyers team that has outworked the Devils in four of the series five games.

Lemaire also has the background to help the team rescue the series. In 2003, with the Minnesota Wild, Lemaire pulled his team back from two 3-1 series deficits. They first came back against the Colorado Avalanche in the Western Conference quarterfinals, effectively ending Patrick Roy’s career. They repeated the feat in the next round, defeating the Vancouver Canucks. His experience in this situation can and should be used to help the team respond.

Lemaire knows the time for speeches and talking is over.

"It’s been four speeches that we put on and there will be a fifth one," Lemaire said to Tom Gulitti of the Bergen Record. "There’s a time for speeches. You can’t look for speeches. You’ve just got to get the work done."

2. Colin White

In 2000, the Devils had great leadership throughout the locker room. Scott Stevens was the unquestioned leader of the team, but they also had great leadership from Ken Daneyko and Scott Niedermayer. White was also on that squad. With the defense playing subpar during this series, the Devils need someone to step up and lead the blue line. While White may not be the best blueliner, he’s the senior leader of that group. White needs to step up and get the defense playing well. The defense hasn’t played well in their own zone, and White needs to be the one to hold people accountable. He should be the vocal leader of the group, reminding the defenseman to move the puck and make the smart play. He should be riding defenseman when they take dumb penalties or take a shift off. I haven’t seen anyone step up this season to be the leader of the defense. In this situation, the team needs someone to do that, and White’s been around long enough to know what the Devils expect from their defenseman. He should step up, carry the torch and lead the defense.

Devils Looking To Repeat 2000 Conference Finals
Written by Darren S   
Wednesday, 21 April 2010 15:23

The Flyers fans let it be known last night what they thought about the Devils chances of coming back from a 3-1 series deficit again. As the final seconds ticked away last night, the 19,709 and fans in the building started to chant "It's All Over" and honestly, why shouldn't they?

I'm a Devils fan, its the reason I write this blog but even I am full of doubt when it comes to this team. The product I've been shown so far in the post-season is not one I can be happy with. They haven't played well at all this series and the way the Flyers have dominated them at even stregth is what really bothers me.

Yes, the Devils have come back from 3-1 before, in fact it was done against the Flyers and more specifically it was done against the current Flyers goaltender. Believe it or not, it has been done 21 times out of 234 oppurtunities and most recently it was done last season as the Capitals came back to win their first round series against the New York Rangers. The problem is, the Devils aren't playing very good hockey at the moment and really haven't matched up well against the Flyers all season.

So can they do it? As I mentioned, it was Boucher who allowed it to happen to Philly in 2000 and Jaques Lemaire is the only coach to rally his team from a 3-1 series deficit twice in the same playoff year (2003 Minnesota Wild) so Lemaire knows what it takes. So to answer my question, yes it is doable it just remains to be seen if this Devils team can overcome the problems they are having to do it.

The Flyers announced this morning that Simon Gagne and Jeff Carter will not be making the trip to NJ for Philadelphia tomorrow night. Gagne has a broken toe and Carter has a broken foot. Both players are day-to-day, which I believe in Gagne's case but not Carter's.

The bottom line is this, as fans we need to go out and support the Devils tomorrow night because if we believe in this team, maybe, just maybe they will start to believe in themselves. Who's with me??


ECQ Game Four: Flyers Rout Devils, 4-1, To Take Commanding Series Lead
Written by AJ Manderichio   
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 22:30



I literally don't know what to say about the Devils performance tonight. At first, I was enraged by the lack of aggression and the Devils' lack of patience. But now, after taking a break from hockey, I've come to realize I'm just shocked that the team can look this bad right now. They've scored the first goal in each of the past three games, but after that they've failed to play a sixty-minute game. After Ilya Kovalchuk lit the lamp, the Flyers scored four unanswered goals to sweep the two home games. The Devils now head home with a 3-1 series deficit.

Key Moments:

1. Kovalchuk's 5-on-3 Powerplay Goal

The Devils wanted to come out in game four and be more aggressive in the Flyers' zone. Two early penalty calls helped their cause, as the Devils received an early 5-on-3 powerplay opportunity. With both Braydon Coburn and Chris Pronger in the box, the Devils took advantage of their opportunity. Zach Parise sent a pass up the ice, springing the Devils on a 4-on-2. Kovalchuk moved into the zone, and used a fake shot to freeze Blair Betts. Kovalchuk cut to the right circle and fired a shot on net that beat Brian Boucher for Kovalchuk’s second goal of the series.

2. Jeff Carter's Powerplay Goal

Down 1-0, the Flyers began to press the Devils' defense and get quality scoring chances. But Martin Brodeur was sharp, and it looked like he might steal the game. But luck turned the Flyers' way with an interference penalty to Rob Niedermayer at 8:51 of the second period. With Niedermayer in the box, Daniel Briere held the puck in the Devils zone. He passed the puck to Carter, who was coming out from behind the net. Carter skated the puck through the right circle, and released a shot that beat Brodeur for his first goal of the series.

3. Briere's Four-On-Four Goal

After their first goal, the Flyers' continued to pressure the Devils. That effort would pay off, as the Flyers' would strike for their second goal of the period. With Matt Carle and Travis Zajac in the box, Briere came down the ice with Coburn on a 2-on-2. Coburn sent a pass to Briere on the left side. Briere shot the puck from the side boards that beat Brodeur over the glove for his first goal of the series.

4. The Flyers Kill of James van Riemsdyk's Penalty

James van Riemsdyk opened the door for the Devils at the end of the second period, taking a roughing minor with 4.6 seconds left. The Devils would get nearly a full powerplay to start the third period. But the Flyers didn't allow the Devils to set up their powerplay. They played aggressive defense, and in the end took the Devils chance away.

5. Daniel Carcillo Puts The Nail In The Coffin

It seemed like the penalty kill put the Flyers right back on track. Carcillo scored the goal to figuratively end the game, netting his second of the series at 4:10 of the period. Carcillo began the play, hitting Colin White behind the net to jar the puck loose. Carcillo curled to the side boards, and put a shot on net that beat Brodeur through the pads.

Where Has The Aggression Gone?

The Devils began this game a desperate team. They looked like they wanted a win. They were buzzing, creating their own chances and making Boucher work for every save. But, in the end, that play would disappear near the end of the first period. After that, the Devils were badly outplayed. Philadelphia received the better scoring chances and played a great game. The Devils went back to putting easy shots on net and not pressuring Boucher. They broke down defensively, allowing the Flyers to continually get quality scoring chances. And while Brodeur was good, he wasn't the same Brodeur as Sunday night. Philadelphia pounced on their opportunities, burying the Devils in the final two periods.

Wanted: An Effective Powerplay

Once again, the Devils teased us with their powerplay. It looked so good at first, creating great chances and making the Flyers work to clear the puck. But, by the end of the game, the Devils reverted back to their old form. No more creativity, no more crisp passes. The team just dumped the puck in, held on to it for too long, and made the Flyers' job easy on the penalty kill. With the Flyers giving the Devils eight chances tonight, they once again let an opportunity pass. The Devils are now 4-24 (16.7%) with the man advantage in the series.

Continue reading after the jump for the entire game recap!

ECQ Game Four Live Game Blog: Carter's Second Goal Extends Flyers Lead, 4-1, In The Third Period
Written by AJ Manderichio   
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 17:42



Carter's second goal of the game at 9:28 of the third period extended the Flyers lead, 4-3, in game four of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals tonight at the Wachovia Center.

With both Bryce Salvador and Jamie Langenbrunner in the box, the Flyers held the puck in the zone. Ian Laperriere fired a shot on net, and Carter deflected home the shot for his second goal of the series.

Carter left the ice gingerly after the goal. No word on his injury.

Gagne, who left in the second period after blocking a shot, will not return to tonight's game.

Before the game, Brodeur said tonight's game would show what the Devils were made of. I wonder what their performance tonight will tell him.

Carcillo's goal at  4:10 of the third period extends the Flyers lead over the Devils, 3-1.

Carcillo began the play, hitting Colin White behind the net to jar the puck loose. Carcillo curled to the side boards, and put a shot on net that beat Brodeur through the pads for his second goal of the series.

Facing a two-goal deficit, the Devils haven't done anything to help their cause. They've taken three minor penalties in the first ten minutes, including giving the Flyers a 5-on-3 opportunity at 8:13 of the third.

Brier's four-on-four goal at 17:27 of of the second period put the Flyers ahead, 2-1.

With Matt Carle and Zajac in the box, Briere came down the ice with Coburn on a 2-on-2. Coburn sent a pass to Briere on the left side. Briere shot the puck from the side boards that beat Brodeur over the glove for his first goal of the series.

Jeff Carter's powerplay goal at 9:08 of the period tied the game at one.

With Niedermayer in the box for interference, Daniel Briere held the puck in the Devils zone. He passed the puck to Carter, who was coming out from behind the net. Carter skated the puck through the right circle, and released a slap shot that beat Brodeur for his first goal of the series.

The Flyers outshot the Devils, 12-8, in the second period. The Devils lead the overall shot category, 20-19.

It's also been one of those games for the Devils. After talking about how they needed to improve their powerplay, the Devils came out buzzing with their first few opportunities. But they've settled back into their familiar play, holding the puck too long and not making things happen with aggressive play. They will begin the third period with 1:56 of powerplay time (James van Riemsdyk roughing minor with 4.6 seconds left in the second period), and it's do or die time for the Devils.

The Devils had killed off the Flyer's two previous powerplay attempts before the Carter goal. The Flyers' have now scored a powerplay goal in each of the series' five games.

Kovalchuk scored a powerplay goal at 12:24 of the period to give the Devils the lead.

With both Braydon Coburn and Chris Pronger in the box, the Devils took advantage of a 5-on-3 powerplay. Zach Parise sent a pass up the ice, springing the Devils on a 4-on-2. Kovalchuk moved into the zone, and used a fake shot to freeze Blair Betts. Kovalchuk cut to the right circle and fired a shot on net that beat Brian Boucher for Kovalchuk's second goal of the series.

ECQ Game 4 Preview: Devils Look To Bounce Back
Written by Darren S   
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 10:37


The Matchup: New Jersey Devils at the Philadelphia Flyers. Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Quaterfinals. The Flyers lead the best-of-7 matchup 2-1.

The Last Game: Marty kept the Devils in the game and eventually got them to overtime but the Devils offense didn't do much to help out Marty and eventually Carcillo, set up in front of the net because who would actually pay attention to this guy as a bonafied goal scorer, punched in a trickling puck giving the Flyers a 3-2 victory in OT.

Thoughts About Tonight:

Must Win?:  The Devils are in another "Must Win" situation in most peoples eyes. If the Devils walk away with a victory tonight, all of the sudden its a best-of-3 series with 2 games being played in NJ whereas if the Devils lose tonight, then we would have to repeat the 2000 Conference Finals, something I am sure Brian Boucher has never forgotten.

Devils Offense: Please show up!! The Devils top players were on the ice a lot on Sunday Night due to a high number of penalty calls. Parise played 20 mins, Zajac 21 mins and Kovalchuk 27 mins and combined the three of them accounted for 5 shots on net. Lemaire talked yesterday about how he wasn't thrilled with the top players performance on Sunday night. I actually think the top players, especially the line of Zajac/Langs/Kovy haven't been great all series, not just Sunday night. Which leads me right into my next dicussion about our captain Jamie Langenbrunner.

Langenbrunner: Once upon a time, I thought of this guy as Mr. Clutch. Watching the game on Sunday night, I found myself making comments directed at Jamie a few times. Comments like, "Captains play with emotion Jamie", "Way to give up on the puck Jamie", "Where's the $&#^@ leadership JAMIE??!!"

This is playoffs and its all about results and our captain doesn't have many results. In the years that Scott Stevens was this teams captain, results came in the way of defensive manuevers becuase he was a defenseman. I never expected Stevens to rush the ice with the puck and pop home a goal but I expected him to lead his team emotionally, which he always did. Sunday night I wonder about Jamie's locker room leadership because this team came out flat in the third period. A good leader gets their team up and ready to battle when you are on the road and playing in a tie game after 2 periods. He gets a pass for the OT because the Clarkson penalty did so much damage and it happened so early on is was hard to tell what emotional state the Devils were in.

Jamie's game and attitude have been on my radar since the issues that came up after he was a healthy scratch in Carolina so maybe I am being a little hard on him but the bottom line is that I expect certain things out of my captain and right now, in this series, #15 has been noticably absent from the picture.

Penalty Killing:  Penalties are going to happen and in the case of Game 3, they may be called for the most minor of things and really alter the game but the Devils have to do a better job at killing off their penalties. In the 3 games played, they have been shorthanded 15 times and watched the Flyers score 4 times while up a man, including Carcillo's game winner in OT. Of the 16 teams currently playing, the Devils rank 12th overall in PK percentage...AWFUL!!

Marty Brodeur: Can you really ask him to do more? Honestly, I was getting frustrated with him letting in so many goals on what seemed like so few shots but I am really just being too hard on him. The guy has stepped up for these playoffs and he can't do it all by himself. He needs his offense to give him a few more goals and he needs his defense to stop letting the Flyers get so many pucks to the net. Did you watch Period 3 on Sunday? That game shouldn't have even gotten to OT because the Flyers were just coming and coming but thanks to amazing save after amazing save, the game did go beyond 60 minutes and it was all Marty Brodeurs doing, not his teammates.

Final Thoughts: Tonight, like Friday night is another huge game for the Devils. I have yet to see the Devils play what I feel is a great game and I know they are capable of it, I just hope wherever THAT team is at the moment, makes their way to the Wachovia Center tonight.

If you need a little inspiration to get pumped up for tonight's game, check out the video below..

The Devils' Powerplay: An Achilles Heel for New Jersey
Written by AJ Manderichio   
Monday, 19 April 2010 12:47

Coming into the Eastern Conference quarterfinals, the Devils were badly outplayed by the Flyers in one pivotal area: powerplay goals. While the Flyers ranked second in powerplay goals and third in powerplay assists. The Devils sat on the other end of the spectrum, ranking 21st in powerplay goals and assists. Playing against the Flyers, the Devils would get chances. One of the biggest factors would be whether or not the Devils could make the Flyers pay for their mistakes. Instead, the Devils have, so far, failed to capitalize on their chances.

In games one, the Flyers handed the Devils an opportunity to beat them with the man advantage. Down 2-0 in game one, the Flyers spent six minutes of the third period in the box, including a double-minor on Oskars Bartulis for high-sticking David Clarkson. The Devils couldn't even set up in the zone, wasting their opportunities. It's no surprise that the team ended up dropping the first game, 2-1, after missing out on five extra-man opportunities.

Yesterday was another example of the lack of powerplay skill. The Flyers gave the Devils eight - EIGHT - powerplay opportunities. The Devils converted on two chances, which isn't a terrible percentage. But, on their other six chances, the Devils did little to even apply pressure to the Flyers. They only managed seven shots on their eight powerplay opportunities. That's less than a shot per attempt. By the end of the game, the Devils powerplay looked jumbled and confused. Instead of putting pressure on Brian Boucher and the Flyers defense, the Devils allowed their opportunities to slide away. That, coupled with the lousy third period play, doomed the Devils in their 3-2 loss.

In the Eastern Conference quarterfinals, the Devils are 3-for-16 with the man advantage. That's 18.7% While it's not expected for the Devils to score a powerplay goal every single time they have an advantage, they should be putting pressure on the Flyers defense. They've looked absolutely terrible so far. No puck movement, no creativity, and no aggressive play. Without these three things, the Devils powerplay looks flat and unimaginative. The only way they can score against a swarming Philadelphia penalty kill is to move the puck and create opportunities. The usual dump in, play with the puck and try to get a shot off just won't cut it. By moving the puck quickly, the Devils can open up lanes.

One great example is the Andy Greene powerplay goal in game two. The Devils used quick passing and deception to draw the Flyers to Ilya Kovalchuk. With the defense collapsing around the left-winger, Greene worked into the zone and one-timed a pass into the back of the net. Those things are going to create powerplay chances. Without doing this, the Devils are going to continue to struggle to put any pressure on the Flyers. With Philadelphia continuing to give the Devils chances, the powerplay will only grow in importance. If the Devils can't figure it out, it may become their achilles heel.

The Daily Fix - Monday, April 19, 2010
Written by AJ Manderichio   
Monday, 19 April 2010 09:23

Three Stars:

First Star: Craig Anderson, Colorado Avalanche - The Avs have been playing the Sharks well all series long, and you have to credit the play of Anderson for keeping the Avalanche in the series. Last night, Anderson made 50 saves in regulation as the Avs defeated the Sharks, 1-0, in overtime last night. With the win, the Avs now have a 2-1 series lead over the number one seed in the West.


Second Star: Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins: Going into Ottawa, the Penguins had a tenuous 1-1 series tie with Ottawa. But Crosby stepped up last night, tallying a goal and adding an assist in a 4-2 defeat of Ottawa. After a bad game one, the Pens have come back to take control in the series, and now lead their quarterfinals series 2-1.


Third Star: Daniel Carcillo, Philadelphia Flyers: The Flyers were pressing the entire third period, outshooting the Devils, 12-3, and dominating the play. But they couldn't break the  2-2 tie, and instead went to overtime. It looked like Martin Brodeur might steal this game for the Devils. But he let a puck trickle through his pads, and Carcillo was there to tap the puck into the open net for his first goal of the series. The Flyers lead the series 2-1.

Other News:

Chicago avenged their game one loss, defeating the Nashville Predators, 2-0, last night. Antti Niemi stopped 23 shots, and Patrick Kane and Dave Bolland added goals to power the defeat. Pekka Rinne stopped 31 shots in the loss. With the win, Chicago earned a split of the first two games and heads to Nashville with the series tied, 1-1.


Phoenix allowed seven goals Friday night in their loss to Detroit. But they tightened up defensively and beat the Red Wings, 4-2, yesterday at Joe Louis Arena. Petr Prucha and Radim Vrbata each tallied a goal and an assist in the win. It wasn't all good news though. Shane Doan left with an injury and, depending on the severity of it, may miss some games in this series.


Dan Boyle is an above-average NHL defenseman. But, last night, he became one of the biggest goats of these playoffs. With his team tied, 0-0, in overtime, Boyle attempted to send a pass behind his own net. The puck, however, went on net and through Evgeni Nabakov for the only goal of the game.


Playoff Action Tonight:

Washington Capitals at Montreal Canadiens, 7 p.m. EST

Buffalo Sabres at Boston Bruins, 7 p.m. EST

Vancouver Canucks at Los Angeles Kings, 10:00 p.m. EST

ECQ Game Three: Carcillo Nets OT Winner As Flyers Defeat Devils, 3-2
Written by AJ Manderichio   
Sunday, 18 April 2010 22:26



It seemed as if only one Devil answered the call in tonight's game three matchup. That Devil? Martin Brodeur. The Devils' goalie made 31 difficult saves, keeping his team in the game while everything around him crumbled. Without much help from the offense, Brodeur needed to be perfect to keep the team in the game. And he was, until overtime. One puck found its way through, and the Flyers pounced on the opportunity, with Daniel Carcillo netting the overtime winner.

Now, the Devils head into game four Tuesday night with several questions. Will the offense step up? Can the defense play well? Will the Devils figure out how to capitalize on the power play? With all the momentum now on the Flyers' side, the Devils will have to come out with an inspired effort to take game four and go back home with the series tied.

Key Moments:

1. Carcillo's Game-Winning Goal

The Flyers absolutely dominated the third period, outshooting the Devils, 12-3, and stifling their offense. It seemed like the Flyers would get the first opportunity to win the game, and they seemed to be earning themselves the game three victory with their play. And their opportunity came at 3:35 of the overtime period. Shortly after a failed powerplay chance, the Flyers held the puck in the Devils' zone. Mike Richards worked the puck to the side of the net and fired a shot on Brodeur. The puck trickled through, and with the defense collapsed around Brodeur, Carcillo crashed the net. He put the puck into the empty net for his first goal of the series, and a huge momentum shift went the Flyers' way.

2. Brodeur In The Third Period

Every single Devil played a terrible third period, except for Brodeur. If there was one guy in this game who played great, it was Brodeur. Brodeur stood tall, thwarting several quality scoring chances in the third period. Brodeur was his best penalty killer, stopping three great Flyers’ chances on the powerplay at 10:12 of the third period. A shot from the point was re-directed by Claude Giroux in front, and Brodeur went to the splits to make the save. The puck then trickled to the side of the net, where Simon Gagne took control. Brodeur, sitting on the ice, made two saves with his glove before squeezing the puck to his pads for the stoppage in play.

He also made great 5-on-5 saves, like one on Daniel Briere. With the Devils pressing in the Flyers’ zone, Scott Hartnell tipped the puck to center ice. He beat Andy Greene and moved in on Brodeur with Briere on a 2-on-1. He passed the puck to Briere on the left, who let go a shot from the low left circle. Brodeur slid across the crease and made the save.

3. Brian Rolston's Two-Goal Night

If it wasn't for Brian Rolston, the Devils would have put up an extremely poor offensive effort tonight. Rolston tallied two powerplay goals - his first two goals of the series - to keep the Devils in the game. His first goal came at 7:15 of the first period, giving the Devils an early 1-0 lead. With Kimmo Timonen in the box for hooking, Ilya Kovalchuk set up Rolston for a straight-on point shot. Rolston initially faked the pass, getting Ian Laperriere to slide down to the ice. Rolston blasted a shot low that went through a Dainius Zubrus screen and past Brian Boucher for his first goal of the series.

The second goal, at 16:38 of the second period, tied the game at two. The goal looked identical to the first, with Kovalchuk set up along the side boards on the powerplay, where he received a pass from Elias. The left-winger sent a pass to Rolston at the point, and Rolston fired a one-timer on net. Zubrus screened Boucher, and the puck went through the skates and into the back of the net for Rolston’s second powerplay tally of the game.

Biggest (Dis)Advantage

Once again, the refs decided to call a tight game. This gave both teams plenty of opportunities with the man advantage. It seemed the game would hinge on a penalty call. Both teams, but especially the Devils, couldn't cash in on the man-advantage. The Devils went 2-for-8, only putting seven shots on net. Yes, that's right, seven shots on eight opportunities. The Devils couldn't even manage a shot per powerplay. They couldn't break the Flyers' penalty kill, and they couldn't seem to move the puck. Whether it was the lack of aggression or a lack of execution, the powerplay just flat out stunk.

Keep reading after the jump for more of the recap!


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