Welcome To Running With The Devils

The first post of any site is a place for introductions so I am going to do just that right here. My name is Darren and I am the writer/editor here at Running With The Devils – a blog dedicated to the New Jersey Devils. I am also what you could call a hardcore fan of the Devils, hence the reason I am writing a blog about them. I’ve been a fan for well over a decade, living through some massive disappointments, extremely exciting moments and a slew of head coaches.

Over the last few seasons I have contributed articles to some well known Devils blogs like 2ManAdvantage and NJ.com, so writing a Devils blog is nothing new to me. I want to take a moment and thank Derek, Dave, Ben and the entire Bloguin team for allowing me to focus my writing efforts on their amazing network of sports blogs. I am extremely excited that I get the oppurtunity to share my love of the New Jersey Devils with both fans and non-fans of the team.

I certainly hope that you will enjoy reading RWTD as much as I enjoying writing it. If you are a casual hockey fan who is shopping around for a team to follow, I invite you to recognize that you probably bleed red and should come support “Jersey’s Team”