Game 75: Flyers Beat NJ…..AGAIN!!


What a let down this game was. The Flyers have had a pretty easy time dealing with the Devils this season and at a time where the Flyers injuries should have gotten the best of them, they got the best of the Devils. I certainly was afraid the Devils might not show up tonight which I sort of mentioned in the pregame notes. The Flyers made the Devils look like they were the team struggling for 8th and the Flyers were the team battling for 2nd overall.

Some other thoughts from tonight’s tilt

Devils Passing: Terrible. In fact, it was so off the mark that at times it would create chances for the Flyers. Case in point, Richards rang one off the post in the second after some bad passing by the Devils.

Marty Brodeur: Not sure where his head was in this game becaus he wasn’t there. At 2-0 I would have yanked him but he got the hook after the 2nd.

Kovalchuk Rings One Off Prongers Head: OUCH!!

Devils PP: Flyers up 3-0, they were giving the Devils chances to get back into it but the PP didn’t do much except for 1 minute during the Carcillo Penalty.

Back to Back Game: Devils have been strong this season in Back to Backs so I can’t blame tonight on that.

One Shining Moment: Kovalchuk’s 39th of the year. Rolston did a great job finding Ilya in the slot who fired one home. Of course 32 seconds later, the Flyers got it back. It was just that type of night!!

There’s not a lot to say after a game like this. The Flyers outplayed the Devils every step of the way and like the other night against the Rangers, had a chance to put a hurting on a rival and failed to do so. We’ll see what happens Tuesday vs another team barely hanging on to a playoff birth.

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Darren is a long time fan of the New Jersey Devils and had been covering the New Jersey Devils for various websites before starting up Running With The Devils in the fall of 2009.