Game 75: Devils Visit Stuggling Flyers


The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils (44-25-5) at the Philadelphia Flyers (37-32-6)

The Last Devils Game: Last night the Devils clinched their 13th straight playoff appearence by knocking off the Montreal Canadiens 4-2. The special teams were very special as the work they’ve put into their power play during practice paid off again as they were 2-2 on the PP. The Devils ended their 4 game road losing streak.

The Last Flyers Game: The downward spiral continue for the Flyers. What started with Emery’s season ending injury has continued down the ranks as Johan Backlund pulled a groin in last nights 4-1 lost to Pitt. The Flyers find themselves in the 8th spot this morning clinging for dear life. To be fair to the Flyers last night, I thought the officiating was horrible and cost them a few goals.

The Last Flyers/Devils Game: Jeff Carter was a Devils killer again and sent the game to OT on a well placed shot. Simon Gagne caught the Devils defense on the ice too long in OT and made the Devils pay for it.

Tonight’s Game: Continue what was done last night. The Flyers, as of right now are a potential playoff team and if they can find their game just a little bit, they are a potential first round opponent for NJ. The Flyers have a ton of injuries, including Devils pest Jeff Carter but to me that means its the perfect time for a hero to be born, especially in March and especially in a game like this. Games featuring rivals have a way of getting some players to just elevate their game.

I do love the chemisty that Kovy and Rolston are starting to build and it’s certainly building at the right time. Both have LETHAL shots yet have a way of getting into open ice to recieve the puck.

The Flyers are a scrappy bunch and a big team so I don’t think Lemaire’s displeasure with Salvador last night will keep him out of the lineup.

The bottom line for NJ is to not go into this game giving the Flyers too much room. Yes, they are slumping badly but if you take them lightly, the will find a way to beat you. Just look at the season record this year, we haven’t done so well against the Flyers.


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