Game 2: Thoughts As They Play

Occasionally, we will do an “as they play” post where we share thoughts on the period, usually at the end of each period. Please check back at the end of each period to see an update to the post.


* It’s currently 82 degrees in NJ and feels like a day that should be spent at the beach, not at the hockey rink.
* The only feed I can get of the game because I am at work is the Hurricanes feed. Life is vastly different in North Carolina than it is here in NJ isn’t it??
* Nice goal by Parise. Nice to get a quick goal and gain some confidence after being shutout by the Fyers on opening night.
* I do like the Sykora/Elias combination. It looks much better than the Arnott/Elias combo last season.
* I wish Larsson had picked any number other than 5. Colin White has made me hate that number on a Devils uniform!!
* Powerplay still isn’t where I would like it to be. For one, Elias held on to the puck for way to long. Putting the puck in the net on a PP is all about effectively moving the puck. Standing there waiting for something to open up is not effecitvely moving the puck.
* Wow Ilya Kovalchuk playing some nice defense as Staal exited the box.
* The first period ends and the Devils lead 1-0 on the scoreboad and lead 11 shots to Carolina’s 8 shots. Still taking too many penalties for my liking.

* Adam Larsson played over 8 minutes in the first period. Does it seem like too much for a rookie or are we just that confident in his abilities?
* A bad penalty by Petr Sykora for holding the stick of Chad LaRose. Carolina 0-2 on the PP so far today.
* Shorthanded oppurtunity for Elias, not much of an oppurtunity.
* I personally like putting Kovalchuk on a line with two youngsters. I think it will cause him to grip it and rip it more often.
* Year 2 in a Devils uniform and Tallinder still makes too many mistakes for my liking.
* Carolina finds the equalizer.. Ponakwhatever puts it past Hedberg as Sutter camps out in front.
* NJ did a nice job answering back and getting the go ahead goal. Kovalchuk made a great pass and give Fayne credit for taking his time to make sure he got the puck and put it past Cam Ward.
* Clarkson sucks, can we please trade scratch him??
* LaRose knots it up at 2. Dueces wild! This game continues to be a see-saw. Tallinder looked like crap on that goal. He’s quickly joining Clarkson on my “list.”
* Zubrus off for tripping, Jokinen off for Diving… 4 on 4 here we come!!
* Parise just deked Faulk out of his pants. Parise looking very comfortable.
* Hurricanes announcers just butchered Alexander Vasyunov’s name.
* WOW… ugly cross check from behind by Pitkanen. Parise gets up a little slowly.
* Kovalchuk takes his sweet ass time to go get a new stick while on the power play. 
* Larsson in obvious pain on the bench.
* Carolina delay of game.. 5on3..nothing comes of it.
* WHAT THE HELL KOVALCHUK??? Almost stuck on in his own net.
* End of 2, tied at 2. Devils 16 shots, Canes 16 shots, Kovalchuk 1 shot on Hedberg..ASS!!


* Larsson leading all Devils with TOI with 17:55. Clarkson has 9:06 which is 9:06 too much.
* Devils start the 3rd with :35 left on the PP. Devils fail to score 0-4 so far..Adam Oates really earning that paycheck.
* Palmieri with a bad tripping penalty. Carolina PP attempt #4
* Elias going off for Goalie Interfence but Ward is way out side the crease area and Elias did try to get out of the way.
* Eric Staal trying to play the part of hero today.
* Devils kill on the 5 on 3 and the ensuing 5 on 4. Momentum where are you??
* SCOOOOORRRRREEEEEEE!!! Ilya Kovalchuk… Guess he figured out which goalie to shoot at. It helps that he put the Carolina goalie in front of this net for the 3rd period.
* Did you know Kovalchuk now has 33 goals and 65 points against Carolina, more than any other team in the league??
* Clarkson should get Gleason’s number after the game and ask him for pointers because Gleason knows exactly what Clarkson is going to do with the puck. I’m only guessing here, but Gleason might know before Clarkson knows.
* A close game like this is where a Captain is needed. Keep them in it Zach…
* In order, the list of Hurricanes that scare me late in a close game… Sutter, Staal, Skinner…
* Hurricanes pull Ward but Ponakwhatever gets called for Interference.
* Ward lifted again 5on5 empty net. Parise with the EN goal.
* Things getting chippy and the refs don’t let Mills and Faulk go. Devils go back on the PP.
* Devils win 4-2, DeBoer gets his first as the Devils head coach. Goals by Parise, Fayne and Kovalchuk.

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