4/4/2011 – What We Learned

So what did I learn about the Devils over the weekend?

* That Zach Parise is going to be just fine. The Devils need to find a way to sign him yet not handcuff the organization from making other moves we need to make.

* That I am disappointed this current Flyers team isn’t the team we faced last season. Last year, they owned us, this year, that storyline is very different.

* That I don’t like having my playoff hopes squashed by two former NJ Devils.

* On this coming Sunday, approx 6pm, I will have to start rooting for a different team if the Stanley Cup Playoffs are going to be entertaining at all.

About Darren

Darren is a long time fan of the New Jersey Devils and had been covering the New Jersey Devils for various websites before starting up Running With The Devils in the fall of 2009.