The Hat Trick Contest

We’ve come up with a contest for our readers and we are calling it the “Hat Trick” Contest.

To Play: Send us an email with the name of the Devils player you think will score a hat trick and the game you think that it will happen. Guess right and receive a $50 gift card to You can find the Devils schedule here.

The Rules Are:

  • Only 3 entries per person will be accepted (you can’t guess Parise every game for the remainder of the year).
  • Entries must be receieved by the drop of the puck of the first period of the game that is being entered as a guess. (No guessing Elias in a game that’s in progress when he’s going into the third already having scored two goals).
  • Only one winner per Devils hat trick per game. If 5 people have guessed the game correctly, then a winner of the gift card will be chosen randomly. If there are 2 Devils who score hat tricks in the same night, then 2 gift cards may be handed out, etc.

It’s that simple so send in your entry’s today.