News & Notes from Training Camp

The Devils announced their first round of cuts and sent 13 players back to Lowell and 5 players back to their junior teams. The good news for guys named Matt Corrente, Nik Bergfors, Matt Halischuk, amd Patrice Cormier is that they were not among the guys cut. As I mentioned last week I thought guys would get cut based on their one game performance against the Rangers but that doesn’t seem to be the case. If you played in that game, you’re still fighting for a roster spot.

A big scrimmage in Training Camp happened with Lemaire coaching the “white team” which consisted of veteran forwards and young defense and Tremblay/Stevens coached the “red team” which consisted of young forwards and veteran defense. Lemaire lost 4-1 and was quoted as saying “Defense wins again, I thought I would be fine with the forwards, but that’s not enough. Defense and goalies (win).” which makes me a little nervous.

11 Days until the start of the season and the Devils have 4 preseason games within those 11 days. I’m certainly looking forward to the start of the season.